St Joseph Institution Junior

The wife of the Chairman of Christian Brother’s Old Boys Association founded St. Joseph Intuition Junior on September 11, 1954. The school is the first of its kind and the third oldest secondary school in Singapore. From the year 2003, the school provides its students with two type of programmes – the �O’ level programme (OP) and the Integrated Programme (IP). The integrated programme includes four years of secondary education after which the students take two years of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). For the IP students, there is no requirement to complete the O-level exam post the completion of their secondary education. Whereas, the students pursuing the �O’ level programme have to complete the GCE �O’ level examination after their four years of secondary education. The OP students can either go for IBDP or pursue other courses depending on their score in the �O’ level examination.

St. Joseph Institution Curriculum

E3 Programme
The school is highly optimistic in the use of technology to impart knowledge to the students. Recognizing the importance of technology, St. Joseph Institution Junior brought 1:1 computing learning through its E3 Programme. The programme started in the year 2014 with the option to opt-in; it is available for primary four to primary six students. The motto behind the programme is to enable, engage, and enhance the knowledge of the students with the use of technology. Some of the highlights of the programme are:
1. Anytime, anywhere learning
2. An easy assessment of the student’s progress
3. Visualization of learning
4. Collaboration platform for students
5. Holistically increasing the quality of education

Use of Technology in St Joseph Institution Junior

With the use of this technology, about 400 students are benefiting reflected in tangible results from an increase in problem-solving skills to creativity. St Joseph Institution Junior is located near to the upcoming freehold development Fyve Derbyshire by Roxy Pacific Holdings.
English Department. The English Department at St. Joseph Institutional Junior imparts the joy of developing speaking, reading, and writing skills in the English language. The school has aligned a wide range of programmes to help student perfect the language. The programmes are:

Shared Book Approach Modified Language Experience Approach
Sustained Silent Reading Supported Reading
Know-want to Know-Learnt Retelling
Language Activities & Sentence Manipulation Writing Process Cycle
Literacy Support Programmes English Recess Reading Programme
Personalized Digital Reading Programme Learning Journeys

Co-Curricular Activities in St Joseph Institution Junior

The co-curricular activities at the school include band, choir, dance, clubs (art, chess, animation & photography, and robotics), and sports (badminton, bowling, fencing, floorball, football, tennis, track & field, and scouts).
Apart from the general schedule of learning and co-curricular activities at St. Joseph Institutional Junior, the students are also given lessons on sexuality. It helps them understand their physiological, emotional, and social change as they mature.

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