Novena Estate in Singapore

Novena is a planning centre and housing estate that is found in the central region of Singapore. To the southern part, the planning area borders Tanglin, Toa Payoh to the north, Bukit Timah to the west and Kallang to the east. The housing and development board has never confirmed Novena as a new town even though the bordering estate to the east is considered a new town.

Novena Planning Centre of Singapore

The planning area roads were named after Novena church which is found within the area. These church premises was bought by Redemptorist price from a Chinese businessman Wee Kaa Kiat. The other road was named Balestier road. Joseph Balestier was a farmer and an American diplomat whose sugar cane firm was situated along the road In novena, most houses are private housing. Housing development Board has fewer flats in the Novena area. This is because the land is sold out. Fyve Derbyshire is a new development that is developed by Roxy Pacific Holdings. The condo is located just minutes away from Novena Town.

Transportation Around Novena Town

Regarding transportation, Novena has no bus interchange. However, the residence link to the city by buses and taxis. The nearest bus interchange is gound un Toa Payoh.Regarding education,
Novena has three primary schools, three secondary schools and one Catholic junior college. Novena area also has an offshore campus. This campus is located at the Balestier. If you are thinking of investing in Novena, the education sector will be taken care of.

Shopping Malls Near to Novena Town

Novena is enriched with a variety of commercial services. Novena has a shopping mall in the central area. The shopping mall is found on the opposite Novena MTR station. Novena also has a shopping centre in square 2. On level 8-11 of the shopping centre is a medical centre. Novena also has another shopping mall that is usually children oriented. Novena also has massive Norman. The area also has banks hence all your transactions will be taken care of. The banks that are found in are found in Novena are UOB and POSB.

Regarding commercial services, the area has developed more over the years. There is an improvement of new shops coming up. Today the square 2 has 180 speciality stores that will take care of your food and beverages, accessories and fashion, education, and beauty and wellness. Novena square is also found in the Novena area and is located on the opposite side of novena MTR station. In this area, there are 160 stores. It also has a new bus stop that was being made in 2006 which was to compleat the initial Novena church bustop. The shopping mall in this area was extended and renamed to sports and lifestyle mall. If you are thinking of investing in Novena, don’t hesitate. It has excellent infrastructure, banks, shopping malls, and many more that you will need.

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